What’s Holding You Back, From Getting Results?


Image result for fear of failure fitnessLet me ask you a question. Have you been trying to lose weight and get in shape, but not getting the results you want? I want to use this article as an opportunity to be brutally honest with you. Push you out of your comfort zones so that you can have a breakthrough that will lead to the results you want. What excuses have you been giving yourself or telling others as to why you have not reached your goals? Let’s dig deeper, why are you allowing these excuses to hold you back? What’s the real fear stopping you from taking action and being consistent with your health, fitness, and nutrition? Let’s break the chains these fears have held on you and starting moving towards your goals once and for all. If you don’t take these fears, excuses, and self-limiting factors head on you’ll just fall back into the same old patterns. I’ve talked about the most common excuses I hear in previous articles so I won’t touch on those instead I’m going to lay out the top 4 fears that are the underlying issues that are stopping you.

Fear #1: Fear of Change: Change is hard, there has to be a deep underlying reason you need to make a change in order for it to stick. If your are not uncomfortable or completely fed up with your current situation than you are not going to make the changes you need to make to get the results you want. Anything worth having is going to be hard and unless you are ready to tackle this fear you’ll stay stuck where you are.

Fear #2: Fear of the Unknown: When we don’t know what to do or what to expect there is fear wrapped around that. How do you overcome this fear, by pushing your boundaries and stepping out of your comfort zone. If you are afraid of something or afraid of not knowing what to do or what steps to take next concerning your health and fitness educate yourself and do it anyway. When you step out of your comfort zone and tackle the fear of the unknown that fear will quickly die away.

Fear #3: Fear of Failure: We all fear being judged by others and this fear causes us to not put ourselves out there for fear of being ridiculed. We all believe that others are talking about us or judging us when in actuality everyone is to concerned with themselves to worry about someone else. Fear of failure is really a fear of being judged. If you can move past this and not let others views of you get in the way of you putting yourself out there and getting fit you’ll be well on your way to living a healthier, fitter life.

Fear #4: Lack of self-worth: If you don’t feel worthy of being happy, healthy, and fit then you will never get there. This insecurity is deeply rooted in lacking a positive self-esteem and can stem from something someone told you years ago that you are still holding on to. Don’t let this limiting self-talk hold you back any longer. If you don’t care for yourself then how can you expect others to care for you? When you conquer this fear then you’ll see how many more doors will open up that will allow you to serve and give more of yourself to your family and causes. You are worthy of being happy, healthy, and fit!
There you have it my top 4 fears you have to overcome to crack the code on this roller coaster or health, fitness, and weight loss. I know this topic was a deep one and I hope that it’s opened your eyes as to what has been stopping you from reaching your goals and staying consistent. You can do this, I believe in you!

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