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We've Been Inspiring the Visalia Community for Years!
Getting fit doesn’t have to be the same 'ol boring workout routine. Here at Empower Fitness Training, we believe training should be one of the best parts of your week! Our goal is to show you the most fun and effective training methods to help you hit your fitness goals and to integrate you into our supportive and inspirational Empower Fitness Training family. Success is possible when you're flying solo, but a little help and encouragement from a community that cares will go a very long way.

Since opening our doors, we’ve ensured sure that each Empower member connects with someone in our community who has had similar goals. This has been one of the keys to our members’ on-going successes and something we pride ourselves on every day. Schedule a free week trial and experience the Empower FItness Training community for yourself!
Great Workouts
Our workouts are designed to boost your metabolism, which means your body will be able to burn calories for hours afterwards!
A certified and dedicated coach will be helping you the entire time. We have class times at all hours of the day to fit your schedule.
Nutritional Guidance
Our nutrition plan is easy to follow and can seamlessly be incorporated into your lifestyle. 
  • Personalized Classes
  • Unlimited Accountability and Motivation
  • A Community That Supports You and Helps To Build You Up
  • Customized Nutritional Guidance
"I have struggled with getting fit because I have a crazy hectic schedule, Andy & Randy have been super understanding and they even gave me a simple workout I can do in my hotel room when I'm traveling.
I've been coming for 2 weeks and I already see results."
Jessica O
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Jumpstart Your Fitness Routine
Join Our 28 Day Challenge 
  •  This is the same program that our most successful clients have started with on their fitness journey. 
  •  We are going to push you during these next 28 Day with your workouts, your nutrition, and your mindset. 
  •  Feel energized, confident, and sexy this Fall
  •  We are going to push you during these next 28 Day with your workouts, your nutrition, and your mindset.
  •  This does not include any type of fad diet or plan that gets you short term results. If you follow this every step of the way, for only 28 Days, then we will get you long-term results.
99 Ways To Get Fit
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What if I am a beginner to working out?
That's totally fine! We are used to having beginners try our program which is why we only hire the best and brightest coaches who will adapt the workout specifically for you. 
Do I have to change my lifestyle for this to work?
While we always encourage you to work on eliminating your negative habits, we are all human here! Our program is designed around your lifestyle. The more you adjust outside of the gym, the better results you'll see.
I'm very busy, do I really have time for this?
We have various class times and days to choose from. If you do not think that it will work for you, reach out anyways and we'll see if have another program that better suits you. We can say with confidence that a couple of hours doing our workouts will be much better than what you're currently doing...or not doing. 

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 Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about getting started here at Empower. We are here to help and are committed to getting you in the best shape of your life.

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