At Empower Fitness Training we personalize each package to meet your specific needs. We specialize in weight loss, and fat loss plans. The majority of our clients are professional adults with age ranges from 35-80 years of age. We have purposely kept our studio small and personal, so that our clients can work out in an uplifting non-intimidating atmosphere. Our goal is to make your health and fitness experience as personal as possible, at our facility you are greeted by name, given a towel, and water. We make fitness fun, so that your results will come easily. The price per session varies depending on your needs and range from $15.00-$35.00 a session. Our 30 minute blitz group classes range from $78-$99 a month, with no long term contracts.

Empower Fit Program:

This program is a full body workout 2-3 times a week designed to strengthen and tone your entire body. This program includes 30 minutes of resistance training, and 30 minutes of cardiovascular training, Personalized meal plans, body composition tracking, weigh-ins and measurements. Here is what you get.

  • Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions with a certified and qualified personal fitness trainer
  • Individualized Strength, Cardio and Flexibility Program to get you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.
  • Nutritional Guidance to ensure your eating habits help you look and feel great.
  • “Before and After” Fitness Assessments so you can measure your progress, avoid plateaus and make continuous improvement.
  • Unlimited E-mail + Phone Coaching to keep you motivated and make sure you stay on track.
  • Guaranteed Results!

30 Minute Blitz:

This program is geared to get you optimal results with minimal time. The design of this program is to get the benefits of both cardiovascular training and resistance training all at once. This is High Intensity Interval Training Fat Burning Workouts that will get you into killer shape, shed excess fat, and build lean muscle. The 30 minute blitz workouts eliminate the I don’t have time to exercise excuse.

Mature Fitness 55+:

If you are not comfortable with the big box gym, want and need personalized service that is guaranteed to meet your needs and improve your quality of life then this program is perfect for you. Lose weight, improve your strength, balance, and increase your flexibility. Training is provided in the privacy of your own home or our semi-private training studio.

Empower Fit Senior Care Program:  is about staying well at home with targeted exercises that improve or maintain your strength, balance, mobility, reduce the risk or prevent falls. Even when you have a medical condition(s) you can enhance and optimize your health and physical fitness level. We come to your home even when your home is a foster home or assisted living community. We provide progress reports to family members and your healthcare provider upon request. In the event of an observed change in behavior, physical function, we immediately report to the emergency contact. Call (559)636-3488 to schedule a complimentary fall risk and strength assessment.  Visit for more information.

Weight Management Program:

This is a 12 week program that will teach you proper nutrition, help you lose weight and keep it off, and debunk diet myths. 1 counseling session a week, with weigh-ins and personalized meal plans.

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