Personal Trainer Visalia Explains The 5 Reasons Your Not Losing Weight

Personal Trainer Visalia: 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Personal Trainer Visalia Explains The 5 Reasons Your Not Losing Weight

Okay, so you’ve been putting your time in at the gym working hard, exercising regularly, and watching what you eat, but you’re still struggling to lose weight or are not happy with your results.  You’re committed to losing weight however it’s just not happening.  You’re almost ready to throw in the towel.  Don’t do it!  The weight loss industry has got you fooled.  Weight loss commercials and advertisements make weight loss look so simple.  Take this pill, do this exercise routine, try this diet.  The weight loss industry is a billion dollar business, and they sale easy, quick, fast, no effort weight loss solutions.    It’s not that losing weight is that complex of a problem.  In order to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume, we have all heard it before.  True weight loss and lasting results does not come without putting forth serious effort, energy, and dedication.  Here are five mistakes that you might be making that are keeping you from shedding those unwanted pounds.

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  1. You’re over eating

You started working out and eating healthier, passing up the junk food, and making healthier food choices.  You are burning a lot of calories at the gym so you may be tempted to treat yourself or overindulge as your reward.  You are either balancing out your exercise too calorie intake expenditure or taking in too many calories and gaining weight.  A quick solution to this is to track your calories that you burned through exercise and log your food in a journal to see that  you are getting yourself into a negative calorie state or burning more calories than you consume.

  1. High Calorie Drinks

You might be consuming too many calories in the form of beverages.  This is a sneaky one that is often overlooked.  Calories consumed in the form of beverages do very little to satisfy your hunger or make you feel full and add a lot of extra calories to your meals that could be avoided. Try to cut out as many calories as you can in the form of beverages.  Stick with drinking water, or unsweetened tea.

  1. Skipping Breakfast

I know you have heard this one before, and you still are not buying it.  How can skipping a meal make me gain weight or hinder your results?  Here’s how, if you have had a full night’s sleep, get up and get ready for your day and go.  You have not eaten in over 8-10 hours and your body is running on zero.  So this causes your body to go into scramble mode to get some fuel, and the quickest way to perk your body up is sugar.  So you crave sugar, and what your body wants it usually gets.  Having a glass of water and eating breakfast will help kick start your metabolism and you won’t have that 10 o’clock sugar craving, and tends to set the tone for your eating day.

  1. Not giving yourself a cheat day.

I know sounds crazy, but it works. Most of us have a strong 7-10 days worth of will power, where we can put off a sweet snack or high calorie meal until our cheat day.  So instead of feeling like you are depriving yourself or punishing yourself from your favorite food of drink you can delay satisfaction until your cheat day.  No, this is not permission to undue all of your hard work throughout the week it’s a cheat meal or snack in moderation.  This service two purposes one is you have something to look forward to and don’t feel deprived and the other is it spikes your calories for one day and then your metabolism kicks into high gear when you bring your calories back down.

  1. You are Not Lifting Weights

You’ve got the cardiovascular training down.  You go to the gym hop on your favorite piece of cardio equipment and go at it for 30-60 minutes and burn a ton of calories, that’s great!  Once you’re done your calorie burning is over.  Cardiovascular training does not increase your lean muscle mass, weight training does.  The more lean muscle mass you have the more calories your body will burn in a resting state.  That’s right; by lifting weights and adding muscle to your body you turn your body into a calorie burning machine that burns additional calories all day long.

Your life changing results and weight loss goals are right around the corner.  Don’t give up!  Incorporate these five tips into your routine, starting today.  Remember all things that are great and lasting take effort.  You can do this, and as always “time + consistency = results”, every time!

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