3 Keys To Getting Into Better Shape

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      3 Keys to Success

Okay so today’s the day you’ve decided it’s time to get back into shape.  Something finally broke the camel’s back.  Maybe it was getting winded walking the stairs or not fitting into last years jeans.  Whatever it was your ready to make a change.  There is just one problem you don’t know where to start or you’ve started this path before and failed. It’s okay we’ve all been there.   It doesn’t matter if this is your first attempt or tenth you can do this.  I’m going to give you 3 keys to getting into better shape and reclaiming your body.

There are 3 keys to getting into better shape and reclaiming your body.  Education, inspiration, and support.  I’ll outline all 3 of them here and explain why they are important.

Key #1 Education:  Take the time to study and research a fitness plan that is well suited to your personality, and that is going to be enjoyable for you to do.  It’s important to find a fitness routine that you can stick to for the long haul.  Because if you don’t enjoy it you won’t stick with it.  Don’t just give up if one program doesn’t stick try something else.  Don’t limit your options there are a lot of different fitness programs out there for you to try.

Key #2 Inspiration:  Find some inspiration.  What’s going to drive you and push you to reach your fitness goal? What’s your main reason why it’s important to you?  Is it for better health because you’ve had a health scare, or because you want to be able to keep up with your kids or grandkids?  It doesn’t matter what it is all that matters is that it’s compelling and inspires you to stay focused on your fitness and health goal.  Write your inspiration down and review it multiple times a day.

Key #3 Find a Support Group:  Goals and achievement are so much easier to obtain when we have the right support group in place.  When we have others holding us accountable we are far more likely to keep going and not give up for fear of disappointing others.  This is why coaches are able to get more from their players and push them to their limits because players want to make their coach proud and don’t want to disappoint them.  Find a mentor, coach or group that is going to hold you accountable and push you to reach new goals and get more out of you.

There you have it the 3 keys you need to get into better shape and reclaim your body.  Education, Inspiration, and Support.  You can do this, make this the time you finally have success with your fitness and weight loss goals.  Now go and start your success story.

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